About Me

About Me

Twenty something Belgian woman in love with Photography

About Me

As a photographer for Monsters'Lab, I was able to bring all my experience and my expertise regarding visual content creation for companies (packshot, portraits, studio, etc...).

I've also been working for Japan Addiction and Japan Addiction Music during 3 years. This gave me the chance to promote Japanese culture and to shoot several Japanese artists during all kind of events (Japan Expo, Made in Asia) and concerts.

Awards : "Paysage Urbains du Japon" (2011) - 4th position

Exhibition :
- Ramen Event 5 ans : "5 vues du Japon et 5 photographies de concert".
- Exhibition in Roubaix - 24th November 2012 at Bar Live 301.
- Exhibition in Brussels – 1st December 2012 at LR6.
- Exhibition at MangaKat Cafe : "Présentation de dix vues du Japon ». Brussels - 5 March to 26 March 2016

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